Luxury Montreal Escort – Sophie Beauregaurd


Athletic Busty French Canadian Petite Redhead


Allow me to introduce myself… I go by the name of Sophie, a sophisticated young lady who’s been raised in Montreal, a sweet mixture of fine French herbs with a pinch of Irish spice.

Think of me as your sexy neighbor or the cute girl you’ve spotted at the grocery store; I embody the meaning of the girl-next-door with a vivid wit and poised attitude of a true courtesan.

You will enjoy simple pleasures with me and stop time for a moment.I am a Quebecoise beauty; A cute redhead with smooth porcelain skin, piercing brown-green eyes and an outstanding 32E. My petite silhouette stands at 5’1’’, 110lbs; you will enjoy each part of my defined and firm body. I am one of the very few ladies who are completely free of any kind of body art.

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Something that I absolutely need on a daily basis is my sport fix. I love weight lifting and outdoor training! Many hours weekly are devoted in pushing my physical limits. In June 2014, I’ve discovered a new interest in challenge and obstacle courses, which has led me across the States all the way to Hawaii. In a few months, I’ve run several short distances (5 to 15km) and many half marathon. Having a preference for longer distances, I am aiming at ultra trail marathons (42+km) in the summer of 2015. Mens sana in corpore sano; a healthy mind in a healthy body.



Short Interlude – 240 – 30 minutes

Delightful Instant – 300 – 1h

Exquisite Moment – 400 – 90 minutes

Secret Encounter – 500 – 2 hours

Exceptional Evening – 1800 – Dinner & Overnight 12h

A Wonderful Day – 2400 – 24h

Memorable Weekend – 3200 – 48 hours

Additional hours in a social context are 100 each