Luxury Montreal Escort – Clara Versailles


Your Secret and Sublime Sparkle

                               Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself:

                                                   I am Clara Versailles

                                      Your Exquisite Pleasure Companion

                                                As the finest lady friend

                              I pride myself in offering a unique experience

                                                 Touching on all senses.

I am an ethereal beauty with sparkly green eyes, a contagious smile, silky blond hair, and soft ivory skin. My fabulous hourglass figure is standing tall, as I am graced with marvellous proportions and long slender legs. Adding to perfection, I exude charisma and confidence, and there is no denying that my best attribute is my vibrant, engaging personality. Yes, this certain je-ne-sais-quoi will keep you mesmerized…

Accomplished, independent, and university educated, I harbour an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Fond of history and humanities, literature and languages, power and politics, I can indulge in reading forever. Just as fulfilling, I find hiking to be a great way to exercise, and a candlelit bubble bath a perfect way to unwind…

Savouring fine dining, great wines and decadent desserts in your dazzling company is a wonderful way of enticing me. While I am currently based in Montreal, I must also admit that traveling is a weakness of mine, and I am never shy of experimenting the singularity of far and exotic places… it is always ooh-so-very alluring!

Well-versed in social graces and in the wonderful art of seduction, I will always be reaching for new heights, and I would love for your to join me in this sensual adventure. This will be a unique experience, stimulating all senses…




With keen partners of style and taste, for my company in Montreal

1 Hour Bliss   —————————————————————  400

2 Hours Felicity   ———————————————————–  750

3 Hours Euphoria    ——————————————————  1000

4 Hours Ecstasy – Lunch/DinnerDate    —————————–  1200

6 Hours Rapture – Extended Lunch/DinnerDate   —————-  1500

12 Hours Apotheosis – Dinner & Overnight Stay    —————  2400

Social engagements, in public only

First hour, feeling the spark   ——————————————–  200

Each following hour, creating chemistry   —————————-  100


The donations are the same should I visit or host you.

                    *  *  *   EMAILS & TEXTS – No call   *  *  *

Eros Authenticated, P411 Verified

References from reputable companions, validation of online presence

(boards, certification websites) and/or ID will be requested.

A $50 compensation for transport applies outside of the downtown/Old Port area,

As well as a late-night consideration of $100 for meetings starting after midnight.

Thank you for your understanding!